1st Shoes

consider first your moment

of personal realization

your thoughts of life

of sunny days and dreams


experience emotion as an art

and touch the self

allow the energy of light

flowing gently eternal


and remember

we are one

and as one

we are perfect


realize the beauty of

excitement in a child's eye

the innocence of

discovery of truth

the games we've learned

and played


the hope that

in this incarnation

we will exhilarate

happiness forever


the search continues

through eons of karma

always in the present

always alone


then remember

we are one

and as one

we are perfect

          cf lange 1973


Photo taken May 18, 1989.. My daughter Laurel's 1st birthday. Her 1st experience wearing shoes :-) The salesman in the shop told her she must walk across the entire store to prove to him that she qualified to have them. She had never attempted such a challenge before this day. She looked at me in fear.. I whispered "Laurel, you can do it.." She walked.. was awarded her shoes and wore them out of the store to a local Baskin Robbins in Beverly Hills, where she enjoyed her first ice cream sundae. Today at age 17, its a challenge just to keep up with her :-) and as for myself this vision of personal realization continues.. within each new challenge.. within each moment presented.. as an opportunity for evolution.
* photo courtesy of... Laurel's Mom..