Need Your Website Produced?
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The Media Group will review and assist your long range objectives, then prepare a media rationale which meets your objectives and targets your audience. Upon Approval production is scheduled for delivery.

Below highlights our rates for website design and implementation.

$200/3 hrs. This fee is included if contracted for a medium+ size site.
This consultation is prepaid to include initial content discussions
(phone consultations available also)


All prices include general graphic services (scanning, manipulation, cropping & formatting); text in digital form and graphics/photos supplied by client in digital or reflective form.

Costs Consideration: We are often asked, "How much does your web service cost?" The average website we have produced consisted of approximately 10 pages or a cost of $2500 to include custom form (s) & cgi form mail programming. We request 50% deposit at start of work. Estimate 2-3 weeks completion per scheduling and client approval.

If Client Virtual Domain Server Set Up is requested. Professionals Media offers complete virtual domain pointing to our server as part of the Group for only $15.00 a month... This cost is pre-paid annually. This includes complete ftp access and email address. Compare Earthlink's cost of $20. a month for exactly the same service. InterNic registration assistance is available @ no cost. All Production and Delivery per Client Approval.

Estimate 30 hours html, java, cgi, grfx plus form programming. Ten pages  medium site. Don't forget Digital text and pics/graphics provided by client. Scanning, Digital Photography and Copy services available.

The following projected estimates are based on prior projects.

Small Site (simple HTML and minor cgi programming) $600-1200.
Medium Site (frames, etc. and ordinary cgi programming) $1200-2500.
Large site 10 pages+ (HTML and extensive cgi, Java, etc) $2500. & up
Virtual Domain $180. Annual Fee 

Special fx- Program licensing (animation, sound)  fees quoted by the job

CUSTOM LOGO DESIGN is often requested.
(Minimum fees; firm quotes based on job specifics) LOGO(s) $400 & up

SITE  PUBLICITY SERVICES Available upon request.


$75.00 - $95.00* per hour html or java script page programming based on provided text and digital graphics or photos (pic/gif format) from client. Additional costs may incur for logo design consultation-layout and rendering from provided client information or concept.

*service includes complete graphic application , cgi scripts, inline forms, image maps, server side programming and maintenance per client agreement. Thank you for your consideration.